Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top Ten Freshwater Spinning Reels

# 1 Shimano Stradic CI4 Spinning Reel

I purchased this reel along with a Shimano Crucial 7' Medium Light spinning rod to be used for lindy-rig fishing. Although I haven't actually used the outfit yet, the reel is by far the smoothest, smallest, and lightest 2500 size reel that I have every had, yet it still holds 140 yards of 8lb. line. My previous experience with the Crucial rod is very positive relative to sensitivity/feel, hook-setting power, and light weight. I am anxious to get on the water for a true test this spring.

# 2 Shimano Stradic FI Spining Reel

Light tackle use on a gloomis 6'6 4-8lb IMX for bass and catfish. Matches very well, however, I wouldn't put it on a ultra-light rod for panfish or trout.
Drag is better than expected for a reel it's size and I have landed 4-5 pounders without too much of a problem on this setup. Excellent light tackle for throwing small plastics and lures. Can be used for panfish and trout, but I would recommend the CI4 version that I also have matched with it when fishing for bluegill, perch, or crappie. I'll tell you that the rod and reel are best matched for larger 10inch and up bluegill, white bass, catfish and bass rather than trout and soft-mouthed fish.
If your looking at this reel for ultra-light application, spend a little extra and go with the CI4, you will not regret it.
AND BTW for those looking for ultra-light reel, I would not recommend this 1000 or the CI4 1000, or the CI4 microline. All three stradic versions are exactly the same, spools are interchangeable(I confirmed with shimano)...only difference is microline version has shallower spool to hold less line and max drag is 4lbs. I would go with the small SYMETRE 500 for trout and panfish, crappie.

# 3 Shimano Sustain FE Spinning Reel

The sustain 2500fe is the smoothest and most balance reel I have ever owned. Its not as light compared to the stradic ci4 but it makes up for it in casting distance and you get an extra spool! paired my sustain with a Gloomis GLX 6'6 med action rod and my stradic ci4 is paried with the shimano cumara 6'8 med extra fast action. Both are great set-ups for fishing for walleyes and smallmouth. Shimano reels are always good and performs great and the sustain is no exception.

# 4 Okuma Hardstone Spinning Reel

I purchased two of these " on sale". I've got to say they would be a bargin at the regular price too.
I bought one each of the HS-15, and the HS-20. I've fished them hard for about a year. Both have performed flawlessly.
They are smooth, light, and durable. I've use monofiliment, braided, and florocarbon lines in 4lb to 10lb test. No problems with any of these.
I've caught crappie, bass, catfish, and walleye using these. The drag system has handled them all. It is smooth as can be.

# 5 Shimano Spirex Spinning Reel

This is a great reel for the money dependable and super tough I got the 2500 model runing 8lbs test and it cast smooth as silk loveing it.  There is only one draw back, I do not like the play before it locks into place. This can make you miss sometimes but if you keep your hand firm on the reel grips and sink into them, over all, a wonderful product.

# 6 WaveSpin Spinning Reels

  Trying to find a good reel with all the characters you are looking for , without breaking the bank, is some chore. When you find a couple choices, you really are takin a chance.  Well, I chose the wavespin, and the best word to describe it is "wow".  It is smooth, precise, and casts like a dream! And so far has performed just as advertised. I teamed it up with a 7ft Med. Ugly Stick and Powerpro 30lb braid. Pitch, cast short, or cast long, all great. No slop in retrieves or hooksets. Oh, no birdnests. An occassional loop once in a while, but the head catches it and it goes out on the next cast.
  The WaveSpin is the reel revolutionized by Doug Hannon, ''The Bass Professor™'', and not only does the WaveSpin look different, it performs different than any other reel. The innovative ''wave'' spool design eliminates the common tangles associated with most spinning reels by allowing line to skip from peak to peak on each ''wave'' on the spool. Performance features include a lightweight graphite body, aluminum handle, on/off infinite anti-reverse, dead-stop no-slack anti-reverse, and a multi-disc drag system. Includes manufacturer's two-year unconditional replacement warranty.

# 7 Pflueger President Spinning Reels

   Extremely light in weight, very smooth handling, but solidly built to cover a wide range of fishing situations. The President’s precision 10-bearing system includes 9 strategically placed stainless steel ball bearings plus a one-way clutch bearing in the instant anti-reverse system. Stainless steel side-plate screws for durability. Includes a FREE spare spool and protective drawstring storage bag.
   I purchased 2 of the 6725x for my wife and I. When we fish together we prefer to light-line finesse fish and these are great tools for that. They are light weight, very smooth and quite capable of landing larger fish. I recently caught several catfish in the 5 lb and better class. Yet the Pfleugers performed flawlessly. The drag was so slick when the big cats would make a run or dive for the bottom, it just gave the line out without jerks or surges.  I'm going to buy 2 6735x for 10# test and go for some big smallies this fall on Norris and Loudan lakes in Tennessee.

# 8 Pflueger President XT Spinning Reel

   A lighter, stronger version of the original President®, the President® XT is equipped with a smooth front drag system with stainless steel and oiled felt washers. Weight-saving features include an anodized aluminum spool with distinctive hole pattern for lighter weight, corrosion-resistant stainless steel components, machined-aluminum handle with Soft Touch knob, 9-bearing system with one-way clutch bearing, Sure-Click Bail®, titanium spool lip and line roller. An aluminum spare spool is included.
   This reel is a great one for bothe fresh and salt water. it is durable and is well worth the money. pair it up with a medium or medium/heavy action rod and your on your way. the only thing is you have to make sure you fill the spool correctly. if theres not enough line then it will drastically affect your casting distance.

# 9 Shimano Symetre Spinning Reel

   The Symetre Spinning Reel from Shimano offers an impressive mix of features at a great price! The ultra-popular Symetre Spinning Reel now features Shimano's Propulsion™ Line Management System, combining five advanced components for superior casting and smooth, twist-free retrieves. Cold-forged aluminum spool; reliable S-Concept engineering with Fluidrive® II, Floating Shaft, Dyna-Balance®, Super Stopper® II and Slow Oscillation system.
   I have filled other spools full , And on other reels gotten birds nests within a few cast . Using the 2500FJ with Trilene XL 8LB on a Bass Pro 7ft Extreme. Great cast and smooth reeling. Performs very well. 
# 10 Casalia Sharkfin Spinning Reel

Longer, more precise casts
    Built around a super strong yet lightweight aluminum alloy body, the saltwater certified Sharkfin Reel features a long-distance casting aluminum spool with patented Sharkfin system. The 9 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings, brass pinion gear and ultra-smooth drag system combine to deliver hitch-free operation even in harsh saltwater environments. The machine-cut, left/right reversible handle is very well balanced to provide smooth retrieves with no vibration, and is complete with a comfortably-sized Rosewood knob. The Sharkfin Reel operates like any standard reel, is braid-friendly and works with all reel-recommended line diameters. Includes a non-Sharkfin aluminum spare spool.

Engineered to eliminate tangles

Reduces line stress

Spooling line indicators for easy line spooling

9 + 1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

One-way clutch

One-touch anti-reverse lever

Brass pinion gear

Large anti-twist design line roller

Solid aluminum bail wire

Super strong stainless steel axle

Superior micro for smoothest drag possible

Convenient line clip

Triple-layer mirror paint protection

   Designed for longer casts and fewer tangles with less line stress, the Sharkfin Spinning Reel from Castalia is guide-proven tough for daily use in fresh or saltwater with mono or braided lines. The Sharkfin Reel’s innovative spool design greatly reduces line friction during the cast, while the “fins” retain the line loops that cause tangles on traditional spinning reels and freely releases them on the next cast resulting in greater overall casting efficiency.